Do you recall any Ad from the ongoing IPL?

There are fragments… of Salman & Shahrukh in elaichi universe , Sachin still debating why mutual funds are risky, Dhoni smarting it in betting & painting, frooti alia, painting Ranbir, Byjus partners, shock’ing + rewarding Cred… bits and pieces of what not…

It’s a hazy smoke screen… I can’t remember clearly anyone or anymore!

Except, the ugly ducking, the despicable — the pharmeasy ads. Its like that stupid song that’s gotten into you! You don’t like.. but you’ve been fed by it, so many times that it’s landed just right into you.

Makes one loathe it, detest, take full charge of ensuring one speaks against it... and in doing so learns even more about it.

Absolute disgust! …and an absolute masterstroke of advertising!

& why Tata’s & Ambani’s getting into the unknown?

think Warangal, then think Bangalore… think uniform LFR experience, then think differentiated stand alone consumer experience… think Flipkart/Amazon, then think Uber/NatHabit…

Who needs a super app?

Lets face it, evolved Indian consumers might be heading into the 3rd phase of e-commerce…

Amit Kalia

#marketing #ecommerce #brands

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