& why Tata’s & Ambani’s getting into the unknown?

think Warangal, then think Bangalore… think uniform LFR experience, then think differentiated stand alone consumer experience… think Flipkart/Amazon, then think Uber/NatHabit…

Who needs a super app?

Lets face it, evolved Indian consumers might be heading into the 3rd phase of e-commerce. Concepts like navigation ease, experience, single click check-outs, omnipresence might be more trivial here. With bigger phones, higher memory, multiple apps behaviour… users might be headed into the differentiated user experience domain, about now!

However, ‘that’ may not be the consumer to drive next growth. With a combination of worlds cheapest data cost @0.09$/GB and an internet penetration @700 Mn, potentially a large *rural user* chunk is waiting to join the fray.

For users with budget android phones, lesser GB space, single apps behaviour… ‘Access’ is the keyword here!

Giving it a go to capture the fancies of upcoming users,… Enter Tata’s & Ambani’s!
So far, Jio with over 400 million subscribers for his 4G telecommunications network, being India’s largest retail chain and having Google, Facebook by its side - has obvious advantage.

“The kind of super-app’s that have succeeded in Southeast Asia, requires a ‘reason’ for customers to come back frequently”

Right there, Jio can off course super charge Whatsapp payments to get to instant stardom. But with the kind of acquisitions we have seen so far, Tata’s aren’t yet plugged into the right areas. If only Walmart comes in, (Flipkart & PhonePe with it) things suddenly change.
No wonder then, New umbrella entities (NEUs) is getting so much attention off late!

Net-Net — 2021 is poised for a gruesome battel very soon. Albeit the epicenter for this might not be metros.

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